Exciting day of racing scheduled at the Capannelle racetrack, Italy.

Invito Premio Parioli e Regina Elena 1

An exciting day of racing is on the cards at the Capannelle racetrack on Sunday with fans set to be treated to some highly anticipated races as the countdown begins to the big event of the season and the Derby on the 17th of May. It begins with the Parioli Sisal Mach Point (Gr. 3 , 143.000 euros, 1600 metres) reserved to stallions.
There are several candidates for the win, but keep a close eye out on Hero Look ridden by Fabio Branca as well as General Sherman with rider Carletto Fiocchi. Clockwinder and Cristian “the little devil“ Demuro and Brex Drago with Dario Vargiu are also taking part. The surprise bet could be Pelandrun with rider Germano Marcelli. The Regina Elena (Gr.3 143.000 euros mt. 1600) is the next race scheduled and is exclusively for mares.

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