FEI Nations Cup action this afternoon.

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The stage is set for the CSIO St. Gallen in Switzerland for this afternoon’s Swiss leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup. Here is the starting order:
1 Czech Republic – Zuzana Zelinkova & Caleri II, Anna Kellnerova & Classic, Emma Augier de Mussac & Charly Brown, Ales Opatrny & Acovaro.
2 USA – Lauren Hough & Ohlala, Lucy Davis & Barron, Margie Engle & Royce, Todd Minikus & Babalou.
3 Belgium – Nicola Philippaerts & H&M Zilverstar T, Jos Verlooy & Caracas, Gudrun Patteet & Sea Coast Pebbles Z, Olivier Philippaerts & H&M Cabrio van de Heffinck.
4 Ireland – Denis Lynch & All Star, Greg Patrick Broderick & Mhs Going Global, Bertram Allen & Molly Malone V, Cian o’Connor & Good Luck.
5 Sweden – Peder Fredricson & H&M All In, Malin Baryard Johnson & H&M Cue Channa, Rolf-Goran Bengtsson & Unita Ask, Helena Persson & Bonzai H.
6 France – Cedric Angot & Saxo de La Cour, Fabrice Dumartin & Cannavaro, Timothee Anciaume & Klamon, Roger-Yves Bost & Qiud’Coeur de la Loge.
7 Germany – Ludger Beerbaum & Casello, Janne Friederike Meyer & Goja, Marcus Ehning & Pret A Tout, Hans-Dieter Dreher & Cool & Easy.
8 Switzerland – Martin Fuchs & Clooney, Steve Guerdat & Bianca, Paul Estermann & Lord Pepsi, Romain Duguet & Quorida de Treho.
In the meantime, the home riders have been warming up nicely with Jane Richard Philips second in the first CSIO5* trial which was won by Ireland’s Greg Patrick Broderick. SEE HERE for more: http://www.longinestiming.com/#!/show-jumping/2016/1175/html/en/longinestiming/resultlist_3.html
There was then a Swiss clean sweep of the podium in the Preis von Domus as Paul Estermann took victory ahead of Evelyne Bussmann and Martin Fuchs in second and third respectively. SEE HERE for more: http://www.longinestiming.com/#!/show-jumping/2016/1175/html/en/longinestiming/resultlist_4.html
The Preis des Longines CSIO Schweitz St.Gallen went to Switzerland’s Werner Muff. Ireland’s Anthony Condon was second and Egypt’s Abdel Said third. SEE HERE for a full results round-up: http://www.longinestiming.com/#!/show-jumping/2016/1175/html/en/longinestiming/resultlist_5.html

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