FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses 2014: yesterday’s results and today’s schedule.

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Let’s continue to see what has been going at Lanaken where yesterday the second phase of the qualifiers was taking place.
The second phase of the 7 year-old horse category was won by Nicola Philippaerts on grey gelding BWP Harley v. Bisschop (Dulf van de Bisschop) (0 penalties in 62.38). In second place we find Holland’s Gerben Morsink on Coursy (Carthino) (0 penalties in 63.04.) The final podium slot brought good Equestrian World to Italian fans as it was taken by Alessandro Colombo with grey mount Unecuore (Prinz Clintus). Paolo Adamo Zuvadelli also went through with In the Name d’Acheronte (Quidam de Revel) while on Eh Bombay, after a first round victory, he could only finish in 113th after 8 penalties. A full list of the results can be found here: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/945/sta_erg/06_ergENG.htm?style=longines
There was a victory for Holland in the 6 year-old category by Bart van der Maat with Dalton (Vaillant), Brazilian Luiz Felipe de Azevedo on Cliff de Brinco Lindenhof Z (Argentitnus) came second and Belgian rider Tom Dhaeyere on Indra van de Oude Hei finished third. The Italian representatives in this trial finished as follows: Andrea Enrico Herholdt 28th on Quantador 3 (Quinta Real) and Giovanni Consorti 61st on Dont’t Worry B (Numero Uno). Both of the Italian riders scored clears. Please click here to see more: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/945/sta_erg/05_ergENG.htm?style=longines
Camila Mazza de Benedicto with Vrai Chique Jvh Z (Verdi) from Brazil came first in the 5 year-old category. She was followed by Christian Ahlmann on Take a Chance on me Z (Taloubet Z) in second and Loewie Joppen with Evening Breeze (Namelus R) in third. A complete set of the results can be viewed here: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/945/sta_erg/04_ergENG.htm?style=longines
Yesterday also saw the competition reserved to stallions taking place in the form of the first trial of the Fei Zangersheide Sires of the World which was won by Germany’s Christof Kauert with 12 year-old Orplid (Orlando). In second place we find Spain’s Manuel Fernandez Saro on Queretaro 2 (Quidam de Revel) and in third Guido Klatte on Cornet’s Prinz (Cornet Obolensky). To see a full list of the results, please click here: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/945/sta_erg/07_ergENG.htm?style=longines
Let’s turn our attentions now to today’s schedule. The Sires of the World final takes place at 12.00 local time at the Ratina Z Arena. Further, the consolation trial for 7 year-old horses is also taking place and these are the initial results with very good Equestrian World for Italy’s Paolo Adamo Zuvadelli leading the way: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/945/sta_erg/10_A_ergENG.htm?style=longines
There is a consolation trial also taking place for the 6 year-old category. The following Italians are taking part: Andrea Benatti with Idento van Maarle, Gabriele Grassi on Desiderio Baio, Antonio Campanelli on Diamant Della Verdina, Davide Iacovacci on Major Delacour and Giovanni Consorti with Larina Grigia.
The 5 year-old consolation trial is also set to get underway and will see the following Italians competing: Andrea Calabro with Epsilon, Giovanni Magaton on Elabelle, Marco Marangotto on Esnaider, Andrea Benatti with Casanova Z and Bryan Mascenti with Ciao Ciao.
The major final of the three categories will be taking place on Sunday.
source: www.zangersheide.com

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