FEI World Cup Finals 2014: the road to Lyon

wc lyon 1

The absence of Ben Maher, Joe Clee and Hans-Dieter Dreher at the finals of the World Cup in Lyon mean that Swedish lady-rider Malin Baryard-Johnsson and Frenchman Simon Delestre can now take part.
In total there will be 18 Western European riders: 4 from France, 4 from Germany, 2 from Belgium, 2 from Switzerland, 2 from Great Britain, 1 from Portugal, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Ireland and 1 from Holland.
Here is also some other Equestrian World ahead of the event:
28 year-old Australian rider Jamie Kermond will be at Lyon following his excellent season as his star continues to rise. However the winner of the New Zealand League, Samantha McIntosh, has declined the invite as she doesn’t believe her performers are ready for such a high level competition yet.
Let’s take a look at what happened in the South African Division and the Caucasus Region Division:
Jeanne Engela was the winner of the South African League while Jamal Rahimov from Azerbaijan won the Caucasus Region Division. He will be present at Lyon with his top performer, the 11 year-old stallion Warrior.
As for Central and Southern Europe, this is how the riders fared:
There were 10 qualification trials with 107 pairs taking part with 42 year-old Russian rider Vladimir Beletskiy and Czech star Als Opatrny qualifying from the Central European Division last week in Warsaw. As with regards to the South European Division, Turkish rider Omer Karaevli was the winner. These three can take part at the finals in Lyon.
In the Western European League, the leader is Marcus Ehning from Germany on 81 points, followed by Scott Brash (GB) in second on 69 points and Pius Schwizer in third (SUI) on 63 points.
The rest of the standings are as follows: 4th Patrice Delaveau FRA (61), 5th Maikel van der Vleuten NED (55), 6th Ben Maher* GBR (53), 7th Edwina Tops-Alexander AUS (53), 8th Steve Guerdat SUI (51), 9th Kevin Staut FRA (48), 10th Daniel Deusser GER (47), 11th Roger Yves Bost FRA (45), 12th Billy Twomey IRL (40), 13th Luciana Diniz POR (40), 14th Joe Clee* GBR (39), 15th Lars Nieberg GER (39), 16th Nicola Philippaerts BEL (38), 17th Tim Gredley GBR (36), 18th Lucy Davis USA (36), 19th Christian Ahlmann GER (35), 20th François Mathy jr. BEL (34), 21st Michael Whitaker GBR (32), 22nd Hans-Dieter Dreher* GER (31).
* riders that have qualified but won’t be at the finals in Lyon. Hans-Dieter Dreher meanwhile refused the re-proposal because of tiredness to his horse Embassy II.
The following will take their places: 23rd Malin Baryard-Johnsson (28 points) and 24th Simon Delestre (28 points). For a full list of the FEI standings, please see the following link: https://data.fei.org/Ranking/Search.aspx?rankingCode=S_WC&nfGroup=4001

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