FEI World Cup moves to Lyon

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After Helsinki, the FEI World Cup moves on to Lyon and the breaking Equestrian World is that Marcua Ehning will take part despite reports that the German rider had been seriously injured in training.German site reiter revue reported that he would be in the team along with regulars Ludger Beerbaum, Daniel Deusser, Hans-Dieter Dreher and Meredith Michaels Beerbaum.Representing Italy will be Emanuele Gaudiano who will take Caspar 232, Cocoshynsky and the young Corbanus to take part in the CSIYH.Team World Champion Gerco Schroder will be present as will Steve Guerdat fresh from winning in Helsinki along with the ranking number one Scott Brash.Complete list: http://www.hippobase.com/EventInfo/Entries/CompetitorHorse.aspx?EventID=…

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