Felix ‘superman’ Hassmann flies to victory in Stuttgart.

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Let’s round-up now the latest results from the show-jumping discipline at the German Masters in Stuttgart.
Felix Hassmann with SL Brazonado rode his way to victory in the first competition of the day, the Prize of Allianz over 1.40m, whereby riders were all competing in costumes and Felix Hassman chose Superman.
Following behind in second, we find the eventing expert Michael Jung with Captain Sparrow and who was dressed as a famous videogame personality. The final podium slot meanwhile went to Harrie Smolders who was dressed as a musketeer and riding with Eh Quick Nina.
One of the most popular costumes was the pirate, chosen by Ireland’s Denis Lynch and Ukraine’s Katharina Offel, while one of the funniest ones was Hans-Dieter Dreher, dressed as a pink bunny! Click here for more: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/1106/sta_erg/07_ergENG.htm?style=longines
Moving on, Cameron Hanley took first place in the main event, the Prize of GEZe GmbH over 1.50m, with Antello Z (Animo II). Second place was taken by Germany’s Daniel Deusser with First Class van Eeckelghem and third place was taken by Christian Ahlmann with Cornado II. See here for more: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/1106/sta_erg/08_ergENG.htm?style=longines
As for the final trial, the Prize Masterhouse over 1.45m, this was won by Pedro Veniss with Anaya Ste Hermelle (Andiamo). Just behind the Brazilian, we find Britain’s John Whitaker and in third home rider Daniel Deusser. Click here for more: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/1106/sta_erg/09_ergENG.htm?style=longines
photo: in.stuttgart

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