FISE Sardinia and FEI together for Here is the Challenge.

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“Here is the Challenge“ is a pilot scheme that started in Sardinia 2 years ago and that is part of FEI’s and FISE Sardinia’s Solidarity programme started in collaboration with the University of Cagliari. The scheme aims to test the evolution or involution of multiple sclerosis in young people that take part in equestrian sports.
The project will end on Saturday the 13th of December with a dressage exhibition while the results of this equestrian therapy project will also be revealed.
It is taking place at the SOE structure in Oristano in the afternoon with the 5 riders that have volunteered for the scheme 2 years ago going through a dressage display.
The day after on the other hand, the 14th of December, a meeting will be held at the Hotel Mistral 2 which will allow the protagonists to have their say on the project, the results and evaluation.
The President of FISE Sardinina, Stefano Meloni, will give an introduction, Barbara Ardu, the leader of the National equestrian rehabilitation, will present the project in its various phases, followed by the words of the equestrian coaches Katherine Ferguson and Alessandra Pes. Neurologists Eleonora Cocco and Giancarlo Coghe, doctor Elisabetta Marongiu and bio-mechanic Massimiliano Pau and of course the riders/volunteers involved with the project will also all be there.
The project “Here is the Challenge“ was launched in 2012 and was developed over the 2 year period 2013-14 and with the aim of analysing the psycho-physical impact of equestrian therapy on people affected by multiple sclerosis.Sardinia is a land renowned for its horses and equestrian traditions but unfortunately it is also the Italian region affected the most by this illness.
Every year FEI chooses an equestrian project that has social aims and a social impact through its FEI Solidarity scheme. “Here is the Challenge“ was one of these and FEI financed the pilot scheme in the first 2 years. After a rehabilitation phase and training with the horse, the final aim is to see the riders taking part in an international Paradressage event.
FISE Sardinia Press Release.

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