Flambo Awards take place in Rome

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The Officers’ Club of the Lancers Regiment of Montebello at Tor di Quinto in Rome held the first edition of the Flambo awards.
Personalities of the highest level and representatives of institutions gathered to compare notes on issues such as ethics, culture, science and sports, the great themes that consistently deserve to be brought to our attention.
This award is meant to represent a meeting platform to discuss and promote the main science-based aspects regarding the interaction between man and  horse, so that all forms of use of this animal has to comply with consistency, for ultimate goals to respect the well-being in a more accurate way and to increase standards of safety for horses and riders.
The event was held under the patronage of CONI, the CIP, the FISE, as well as sports promotion bodies AICS and ASI and will continue for years to come rewarding time to time those who have made a significant contribution in the specific contexts, from sports initiatives of an institutional and legislative framework, to continue in the affirmation of the rights of the animals, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable.
The members of the Committee for the “Flambo Award, ethical culture, science and sports“ are Eleonora di Giuseppe, Francesco Romanelli and Laura Beccagutti, while the Honorary Committee is chaired by Giulio Rapetti Mogol, known to the public as the author of some the most beautiful songs of Italian music and always a great lover of horses.
Making the honours were Col. Massimo Crocco Barisano Colizza, Commander of the Regiment Lancers of Montebello. Besides the President of the FISE Cav. Vittorio Orlandi representatives of the Parliament of different parties including: the Hon. Giuseppe Abbate and the Hon. Emiliano Minnucci were present which highlighted the need for an institutional commitment to animal welfare and the importance of an initiative such as the Flambo Award. The Ministry of Health represented by a delegation and a message from the Secretary Vito De Filippo, who highlighted the importance of proper human-animal interaction and initiatives of ethical, cultural and educational such as the Flambo Award. This representation of the State Forestry Corps, the Italian Army, the Regional Committees FISE, some of the bodies recognized by CONI, Environment, the President of the Party of European Animalists, Stefano Fuccelli.
Significant interventions in science in various areas from that of poetry and literature in psychology of learning. Among the winners Mogol, Luca Moneta (currently working in Leipzig) and Team Wow (award taken by Dr. Vittorio Garrone founder of Team) Professor Odette Abramovich Terol, Professor of the School of Animal Interaction and founder of equestrian “Zooantropology”, Prof. Angelo Telatin Professor of the Doctoral Program in Science Equestrian at the Delaware Valley University in Pennsylvania and member of ISES, Dr. Andrew McLean PHD and CEO Equitation International Science and writer Patrizia Carrano, the Italian Horse Protection.

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