Focus on Italian reining star Andrea Fappani

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Andrea Fappani was born and raised in Italy, but he always harboured an American dream. In fact, he moved to the United States in order to achieve his goals and become one of the best in the world in the reining discipline.
His style combines talent and dedication, which is appreciated across the United States and testified by the fact that his informational DVDs are constantly sold out. Moreover, his name is at the top of the Pro Rankings (he finished 2013 in second place) and he is one of the most sought after trainers in the USA.
His inclination to new ideas and open mentality distinguishes him from the other trainers and coaches. While many focus all their attention on one particular type of horse (based on physical characteristics for example), Andrea gives all types of horses a chance and in the process discovers attributes that initially didn’t seem to exist.
His ethic is based on the fact that it should be a pleasure and a joy for a horse to ride with someone, which in turn leads to improved performances.
Andrea has been based for years in Scottsdale, Arizona known for its green areas and where he manages his ranch with his wife Tisha and his team of experts. This also includes a precious component of the team: trainer Marco Ricotta.
In his NRHA career so far he has won something along the lines of 3 million dollars and one of his top performers is the son of legendary Colonel Smoking Gun, nicknamed “Gunner“. The 2006 sorrel stallion is also the horse that has won the most prize money throughout Fappani’s career: 336,966 dollars.
The next commitment for the Italian reiner will be an open tutorial at the Scottsdale Arabian Show this week. In March, Fappani will also be at the Cactus Reining Classic, once again in Scottsdale. However, the most prestigious event is left for last, and in April, the Italian will be competing in the Kentucky Reining Cup.

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