Four Italians at CSIO 5* Al-Aïn

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There will be eleven teams at the start of the Nations Cup in the CSIO ‘Al-Aïn.For Italy, Emilio Bicocchi (Ares, Naide del Terriccio), Juan Carlos Garcia (Bonzai Van de Warande, Gitano V Berkenbroeck), Luca Maria Moneta (Bonheur S, Connery),  Andre Sakakini (Bestinov VL, HW’S Saskia)e  Simone Coata (Larbraker, Luce Luce).The Nations Cup is scheduled for tomorrow while Francesco Turturiello (Oural de la Roche, Quinoa des Pres), who a few weeks along with Sakakini was jumping with their good results in the UAE, will take part in the individual CSIO. The Nations Cup is scheduled in the day tomorrow.
Here are the teams:
1. United Arab Emirates
2. Qatar
3. Ukraine
4. Italy
5. Egypt
6. Switzerland
7. France
8. Great Britain
9. Syria
10. Saudi Arabia
11. Ireland

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