Four riders lead Italian Championship

Bandiera Italiana 1

There are four riders on top at the Italian Championship: Moyersoen, Bucci, Sbardella and Arioldi all have no penalties and lead the way out of the 56 riders who covered the course designed by Uliano Vezzani and Paolo Rossato.
Emilio Bicocchi has one penalty on Ares and third are Federico Ciriesi on Calida 46 and Filippo Martini di Cigala on Pupillo dell’Esercito Italiano.
In the team event the Army with Simone Coata on Quarzo della Mezzaluna, Roberto Cristofoletti on Flavourart Cortina, Alberto Zorzi on Morgan’s Unicorn and Linda Bratomi on Athene are first. The Air Force of Emilio Bicocchi on Hialoubet Vassago, Stefano Nogara on PS Z, Aurora Bortolazzi on Acobana, Giulia Martinengo Marquet on Randon Pleasure are second while the Statr Police are third (Federico Ciriesi on Cassandra 285, Luca Coata with Carito, Vincenzo Chimirri on Ginger and Giuliano Paciotti on Quist). They are followed by the Carabinieri (Bruno Chimirri on Tower Mouche, Massimo Grossato on Cenwood delle Lame and Filippo Marco Bologni on Comtesse) who have four penalties.
The second round of the team event takes place today and tomorrow we have the first medals before the event ends on Sunday.
You can follow the event live via this streaming link to the Horses Riviera Resort:
by: fise/ horses riviera resort

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