France prepares for penultimate leg of Tour de France de Etalons.

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France, one of the most active nations in the horse-breeding sector, is gearing up to host the penultimate leg of the “Tour de France des Etalons 2015”.
The tour is part of the French Equestrian Federation’s goal of raising awareness and strengthening the breeding sector in France. The collaboration with the associated breeding partners is part of a belief that if high standards are maintained nationwide, it will increase the chances of success on the international stage.
Lorraine is the destination for the latest leg of the “Tour de France des Etalons” and on Sunday the 8th of March, 50 of the best currently-active stallions will be making an appearance at the event and there will be many discounts offered to horse breeders present.
The following are just a few of the stallions present and to watch out for: Ogano Sitte, Triumph de Muze and Canturo.

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