French capital prepares for Salon du Cheval

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The countdown has started for the winter equestrian extravaganza Salon du Cheval de Paris which will be taking place in the French capital from November 26 to December 4.
As always a range of disciplines will be on display from show-jumping to dressage as well as the thrilling Horse Ball, not to mention a number of equestrian workshops.
Paris will also take centre stage for the Crazy Run, a team show-jumping competition where the winners will be those who complete the course in the fastest time possible.
Adding to the spectacle is the fact that the Crazy Run is always tied to a theme and this year it will be Cinema.
Another interesting competition is the Tournèe des As, reserved for young French riders in both the dressage and show-jumping discipline.
As mentioned above, Horse Ball is a not to be missed competition with the French capital to host the Paris Cup de Horse Ball which will see eight teams go head to head.
Finally, and after Hong Kong and Los Angeles, it is the turn of Paris to steal the limelight for the highly anticipated Elite Longines Masters.

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