Furusiyya Fei Nations Cup: the entry list for the leg in Rotterdam

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Have been communicated this morning on the CHIO Rotterdam’s website the entry list for the leg Furusiyya Fei Nations Cup.
The first team to start will be the USA: Lauren Hough & Quick Study, Lucy Davis & Barron, Laura Kraut & Cedric e Beezie Madden & Cortes C.
Coatch Robert Ridland
Team n° 2 is the hosting Netherland: Jur Vrieling & vdl Bubalu, Willem Greve & Carambole, Hendrik Jan Schuttert & Cerona Hs e Frank Schuttert & Winchester HS. Oranje will try to repeat the exploit they made in La Baule leg on the home fields… They will succeed?
Coatch Rob Ehrens
Team n°3 – France: Roger Yves Bost & Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, Simon Delestre & Qlassic Bois Margot, Aymeric Deponnat & Armitages Boy e Kevin Staut & Silvana HDC.
Coatch Philippe Guerdat
Team n°4 – Germany: they will seriously playing with their top riders: Christian Ahlmann & Taloubet Z, Hans-Dieter Dreher & Embassy II, Philipp Weishaupt & Monte Bellini e Ludger Beerbaum & Chiara.
Coatch Otto Becker
Team n° 5 – Belgio: Pieter Devos & Candy, Catherine Van Roosbroeck & Calumet, Judy-Ann Melchior & As Cold As Ice Z e Jos Lansink & Wervel Wind.
Coatch Jean Paul Musette.
Team n° 6 – Switzerland: Pius Schwizer & Picsou du Chene, Janika Sprunger & Palloubet d’Halong, Alexandra Fricker & Albfuehren’s Paille, Steve Guerdat & Nino des Buissonnets.
Coatch Urs Grunig
Squadra n° 7 – Gran Bretagna: Laura Renwick & Oz de Breve, Daniel Neilson & Varo M, Louise Saywell & Winner, William Whitaker & Fandango.
Coatch Robert Hoeckstra.
Team n° 8 – Spain: Lucrecia Pilar Cordon & Coriana van Klapscheut, Manuel Anon & Qlamp d’Ivraie, Manuel Fernandez Saro & Bonaire 5, Sergio Alvarez Moya & Zipper.
Coatch Marco Fustè.
Beginning time of the competition is 4 p.m.

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