Furusyyia Fei Nations Cup: Italy call-ups for Dublin

Bucci P 0 1

The next challenge for the Azzurri in the Nations Cup is the Irish leg to be held in Dublin from August 5 to 9.Coach Hans Horn has already selected his line-up, made official in recent days by FISE.
The Italian pairings for Dublin are: Piergiorgio Bucci with Catwalk Z, Natale Chiaudani with Almero 12, Lorenzo De Luca with Geisha van Orshof, Juan Carlos Garcia with Gitano v Berkenbroek and Emanuele Gaudiano with Admara 2.
The appointment in Dublin is key for the season, exactly like Hickstead it is classified as valid for the Furusyyia Fei Nations Cup ranking.
photo: © Hippo Photo – Dirk Caremans

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