Cannes Stars, Powered by Iron Dames, Secures First-Ever All-Female Lineup for GCL 202

GCL 2024 Cannes Stars Team

In a historic move for equestrian team sports, the Cannes Stars powered by Iron Dames proudly confirm their 2024 team lineup, marking the first all-female team in the GCL series. As announced last year the Cannes Stars, a familiar name in the GCL series, are taking a revolutionary step by incorporating the formidable prowess of the Iron Dames into their ranks.

As two different version’s of horsepower cross over, the Iron Dames project which started in 2018 has continued to spread their wings in motorsport, achieving historic performances at the highest level of endurance racing while raising awareness and showcasing their passion all around the world. For the first time in the team’s history, the Iron Dames will make their mark in equestrian team sports through the Cannes Stars. Iron Dames, known for their trailblazing efforts in promoting female talent across various motorsports, now extend their support to the world of show jumping.

Deborah Mayer Iron Dames project founder said: “I’m very excited and proud to see the Iron Dames project extend to the world of equestrian sports with the creation of Cannes Stars powered by Iron Dames. To give birth to the first all-female team aiming to compete in the world’s greatest show-jumping events is a major step forward for the Iron Dames project and is particularly close to my heart. Opening this new chapter by taking part in the prestigious and competitive Global Champions League is an honour and a challenge that we are ready to tackle. I wish Janne, Katrin, Kim, Natalie, Sanne, Sophie the best of luck and success as together we fly the color of the Iron Dames.”

The star-studded Cannes Stars 2024 lineup comprises:

Natalie Dean [U25]
Katrin Eckermann
Kim Emmen
Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann
Sophie Hinners
Sanne Thijssen

Each member brings a unique blend of skill, passion, and determination to the team, promising an exhilarating season ahead. Buckling up for a turbo-charged GCL season the squad of 6 will be a force to be reckoned.

American U25 rider Natalie Dean explained just how much the team want to be on top: “We all want to win the championship one day and it would be amazing if an all-female team could pull that off.”

Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann said: “It is a great opportunity and as a group of women supporting each other we can achieve more, being part of the Iron Dames family is a fantastic chance. I would like to thank the whole amazing team, everyone is super excited and inspired about this big picture to help woman live their dream. I wish we could be a role model to the upcoming generation, we are proud and honored to be part of the Iron Dames family and we will never give up!”

The 2024 GCL Team Series is set to witness an exciting chapter in the history of equestrian sports as the Cannes Stars, powered by Iron Dames, take the reins and redefine the possibilities for women in the sport.

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