GCL Mid-Season Transfer Shake-Up

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16 Riders Across 12 Teams Join the Charge for Championship Glory 

GCL is experiencing an unprecedented mid-season shake-up with a record-breaking 16 mid-season transfers across 12 teams. This injection of fresh talent promises to ramp up the competition as teams pull in more horsepower to vie for championship points in the second half of the season.

These strategic transfers are set to redefine the competition landscape, bringing a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars to the forefront. As the second half of the season unfolds, fans can expect epic performances, intense rivalries, and an exhilarating chase for the championship title.

First up the Shanghai Swans have made a strategic switch by bringing on the experienced Ben Maher in place of Samuel Hutton, a move set to bolster their performance at a crucial time in the season.

New York Empire powered by Lugano Diamonds are not holding back, bringing in David Will who was part of New York Empire in 2018 for Georgina Bloomberg and Richard Vogel for Paris Sellon, indicating their serious intent to climb the ranks.

Current Championship leaders Stockholm Hearts powered by H&M We Love Horses have secured the expertise of Julien Epaillard, who takes over from Olivier Perreau, to solidify their championship bid.

Scandinavian Vikings have made two changes, snatching Jur Vrieling from Prague Lions to replace Qinyu Pang and Nicola Pohl stepping in for Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen, reflecting their aggressive strategy to improve standings.

Therefore the Prague Lions powered by Czech Equestrian Team have turned toAngelica Augustsson Zanotelli, who replaces Jur Vrieling, to boost their competitive edge.

In an electrifying series of moves, Istanbul Warriors powered by Carpe Diem have brought on Hasan Senturk to replace Derin Demirsoy, aiming to strengthen their ranks. Valkenswaard United has tapped into young talent with Leonie Böckmann (U25) stepping in for Jack Ryan, injecting youthful energy into their campaign while the Doha Falcons have enlisted Bassem Mohammed, swapping him for Rashid Al Marri, to enhance their tactical game plan.

Madrid In Motion have called up Manuel Fernandez Saro to replace Ioli Mytilineou, seeking his seasoned expertise to navigate the high-stakes championship battle field.

Monaco Aces powered by Lion of Porches have orchestrated a triple switch, with Celine Schoonbroodt de Azevedo taking over from Luiz Felipe Cortizo Goncalves de Azevedo Filho, Mariana Frauches Chaves (U25) stepping in for Oliver Fletcher, and Edward Levy replacing Duarte Seabra, signaling a robust mid-season overhaul.

Mexico Amigos have opted for Francesco Turturiello in place of Mike Kawai, aiming for a strategic advantage as the competition heats up and finally, Rome Gladiators powered by ClipMyHorse.TV have recruited Kyle Timm, replacing Marco Kutscher, to inject fresh vigor into their team.

Stay tuned for a breathtaking continuation of the season as teams unleash their newly acquired horsepower in the ultimate bid for glory. Find out which names will be jumping in Stockholm this week!



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