GCT: riders to compete for the new AWDC Best Rider Trophy in Antwerp.

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The second stage of the Longines Global Champions Tour started yesterday in Antwerp and with an interesting announcement. This year, a new trophy will be up for grabs which takes its inspiration from Antwerp’s renowned tradition as the capital for diamonds. In fact, the prestigious trophy which riders will be competing for has been designed and produced by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).
In the past, the AWDC has designed and produced trophies for the European Hockey Championships and international tennis events such as the Antwerp Diamond Games. AWDC has now decided to pay tribute to the Belgian leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour with one of its sculptures which has been designed by diamond merchant Willy Henneuse.
The winner of this stunning trophy, the AWDC Best Rider Trophy, will be the rider that manages to collect the most points in the CSI5* competitions from day one until Saturday. The points will be assigned as follows: 56 points for a win, 54 for second, 53 for third and so on.
The first 5 star competition in Antwerp, which took place yesterday, was won by Belgium’s Pieter Clemens with Cassino (Cassini). Much to the delight of the home crowd, there was a Belgian clean sweep of the podium. In second place we find Karline de Brabander with Fantomas de Muze (Sandro Boy) and in third Olivier Philippaerts with Game Boy D 10 (Winningmood).
Click here for more: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/1015/sta_erg/01_ergENG.htm?style=longines

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