Global Champions Tour: huge prize fund at stake in Doha

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We are getting closer to the highly anticipated Global Champions Tour final and on the 23rd of November we will have a winner to one of the most prestigious competitions. Uliano Vezzani from Italy is the course designer and it will put the best riders in the world to the test, as they compete for an impressive prize fund of 750 thousand Euros.
This is how the competition currently stands: Laura Kraut (187 points), Christian Ahlmann (185 points), Edwina Tops Alexander (181 points), Luciana Diniz (178 points), Rolf Goran Bengtsson (175 points), Scott Brash (163 points), Alvaro de Miranda (162 points), William Funnell (159 points), Harrie Smolders (150 points).
The rules state that the best six results of the riders will count towards the final standings. One thing is for sure, the riders will have to be at their best on the grass and in the sand, during the day and at night, if they want any chance of that enormous prize fund!

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