Global Champions Tour: record 9 million euros of prize money up for grabs!

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While the World Cup is about to end in Lyon, another important competition is about to get underway and mark the start of the 2014 season.
We’re talking about the Global Champions Tour, which will feature new destinations such as Anversa in Belgium which hosts the opening stage before the honour falls upon Shanghai and Paris.
The expectations from the French capital are naturally the highest of those 3 new stops on the Global Champions Tour which will host the event in the vicinity of the Tour Eiffel, a symbol of Parisian culture.
However, there are plenty of other novelties for the upcoming tour with the sponsor Jan Tops deciding to go all out and putting a record total of 9 million euros prize money up for grabs. Tops wants to attract the best riders in the world, who after the final stages of the World Cup, will then be preparing for the next objective which is the World Equestrian Games in Normandy.
With a staggering amount of prize money up for grabs, the riders may well be tempted to take part at the Global Champions Tour sandwiched in between World Cup and World Equestrian Games commitments. 

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