Glock Horse Performance Center seasonal gift

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Glock Horse Performance Center has become the protagonist in an act of generosity, donating the proceeds received from the foundation of the Dutch Olympic to three charities. The Dutch Olympic foundation Olympic (NOP) was created to support the teams and riders who have potential for Olympic medals in their expenses in exchange for the owners not selling their horses.Belonging to this group is Glock London (Gerco Schroder) and Glock Undercover (Edward Gal): both are owned by Glock Horse Performance Center who recently received the founding Olympic contribution costs of 30,000 euro which were sent to three charities chosen by Glock who have distinguished themselves for the quality of their work and commitment to their mission: Foundation DVB (Dressage Stable van Baalen Foundation)WSPA Foundation (World Animal Protection), Netherlandsthe POA Foundation (Project Ondersteuning Asiels). The Equestrian World came from the Facebook profile of the Glock Horse Performance Center, in conjunction with Christmas greetings. Glock Horse Performance Center facebook page

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