Gold medal for France at Eventing Championship

montelibretti bronzo 2016 YR ind 1

France have won the gold medal at the Eventing European Young Riders championship through Marie Charlotte Fuss with Sillas de la Nee. What’s more, the French also had reason to celebrate in the team event riding to the gold medal at the prestigious event.
The successful French outfit was made up as follows: Victor Burtin (Early Van Ter Nieuwbeke), Thais Meheust (Quamilha), Alexis Goury (Trompe L’Oleil D’Emery) and Marie Charlotte Fuss (Sillas De La Nee).
Germany were second but Italy can be pleased with their bronze medal finish with Ludovica Manzoli (Pin Up de Mai), Luca Mezzaroba (Laomaco), Giulio Guglielmi (Mister Brightside) and Fosco Girardi (Feldheger). Coach Andrea Mezzaroba spoke of his pride after over the team’s result and praised the riders on their efforts.

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