Good Italian results for young riders at CSIO Arezzo-San Marino

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Let’s see how the Arezzo event for the CSIO youth at the Arezzo Equestrian Centre is taking shape.
In the CSI2*, over 1.45m the Brazilian Doda de Miranda on AD Amigo B won ahead of the Italian Emanuele Bianchi on Roadster (Cantos), it has been a good period for the Azzurri starlet who featured well in the TuscanTour. Giampiero Garofalo picked up a good fourth place on Cipriano, behind another Brazilian Felipe Ramos Guinato on Quoit d’Or.
There were a lot of Italians in the top ten:
5° Antonio Alfonso ITA Boa Vista
6° Filippo Marco Bologni ITA Amerigo
7° Gianluca Palmizi ITA Corrada J
8° Federico Ciriesi ITA Cassionato
9° Danilo Sestini ITA Fairplay
10°Lorenzo Barzaghi ITA Daisy
Full list:…
Giorgia Failla was third in CSIO reserved for juniors, which was won by the Czech Anna Kelnerova on Atessa BLH followed by the Belgian Zoe Conter on Norlam des Etisses.
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There were young Azzurri in the CSIO Young Riders, Giorgia Matilde Bianchi won on the KWPN Una Bella HS (Calvados), followed by the Belgian Vicky van de Poel on Chablie (Sire Major) an compatriot Francesco Lapeyre on Armani vd Dwerse Hagen.
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