Good results for Italians at the Tuscan Tour

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Good Equestrian World on the Tuscan Tour, with victory for Paolo Zuvadelli in the Gold Tour over 1.40m on Demetra Aremac, second was German Marie Lutgenau on Strolchi and third Jane Richard Philips on Zekina Z.
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Fabio Brotto on R-Gitana was third in the Gold Tour over 1.50m, with victory for the Swiss Frederique Fabre Delbos on Quartz du Landery and the second the Argentine Luciano Segovia on Cool Down.
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Young rider Filippo Marco Bologni was third in the Silver Tour over 1.40m on Amerigo, won by the Czech Emma Augier de Moussac on Wembley and second for Evelyne Bussmann on Ile d’Aveline.
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Youngster Vittoria Fuser on Star de la Pouliniere was third in the CH & JUN Bronze Tour, won by Belgian Camille Demolie on Zarah and second Turkish rider Necmi Eren on Grandioso BZ.
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The GP Gold Tour over 1.50m takes place at 15.00, with the Silver Tour over 1.45m con jump-off following that.
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