Henrik von Eckermann Reflects on European

Henrik von Eckermann and Iliana Fei Jumping Europena Championship - Milano 2023

Championships Individual Final Round

Last Sunday’s individual final round at the European Championships was a breathtaking display of equestrian skill and determination. Riders and their trusty steeds showcased their talents, with each jump potentially deciding their fate in the competition. Among the competitors was Henrik von Eckermann, who shared his thoughts on the event.

In an exclusive interview, Henrik von Eckermann opened up about his performance in the individual final round. He began by expressing his admiration for his equine partner, Iliana (Cardento 933 x Gentleman), saying: “The first round was, I think, the best round I ever had. It was not one stride that I would have done different. She jumped amazing“.

However, the second round brought a moment of reflection for Henrik. “In the second round, I made a mistake,” he admitted. “I was too careful on the vertical and took her down in pace. That made her have to jump out of too less pace. And then she drifted a little bit to the right and had that fault. I should have kept on going and just, like I did in the first round, believe in her and believe that she will jump it.”

Despite the mistakes, Henrik showed immense sportsmanship by acknowledging the prowess of his competitors. “I did two mistakes this weekend on the plank on the last fence in the last round of the team today in this vertical there. Small mistakes but still not how it should be that cost me the second place. So it’s all fair, and it’s a fair winner.

Henrik von Eckermann also praised the champion, Steve, and the other participants. “All respect to Steve in perfection he did it and the other two also” he said.

Reflecting on Iliana’s journey to the championships, Henrik shared his season’s plan. “I said from the beginning of the year this is the plan; this is where I want to have the peak of the season for her, and that I have to say we did everything right. She could not have been better. I should have been a little bit better, but yeah, that’s the way it is’.

Last week Henrick went to Ascona to compete in the four-star competitions with two other horses, Calizi e Dzara Dorchival, on which he took first place in the 1.50m CSI4* on Saturday and an excellent seventh place in the CSI4* GRAND PRIX LONGINES in Ascona, respectively.

Henrik von Eckermann‘s dedication and commitment to his horses’ well-being and success are evident in his words. His humility and respect for his fellow riders demonstrate the true spirit of equestrian sportsmanship. Last Sunday’s individual final round at the European Championships was not just about the competition but also about the camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by riders like him.

Photo Marta Fusetti (c) – Henrik von Eckermann and Iliana

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