Henrik von Eckermann teams up with Westfalen studbook

H.von Eckermann 1

The new year brings a major new turning point in the career of Henrik von Eckermann as the top Swedish rider will be at the service of the German Westfalen studbook as a partner for Scandinavia.
A new partnership for the studbook will be added to those already undertaken with Toni Hassmann, Bernd Schulze Topphoff and Friederike Hess and on which those responsible for Westfalen studbook are placing great expectations.
Von Eckermann has spent many years in one of the most important teams in the world (Ludger Beerbaum stables) and is highly regarded within the equestrian world and much sought after as a professional in the industry who can give a significant contribution to the development of the studbook.
source: ReiterRevue.de

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