Holsteiner horse breeding event held

Holsteiner foal 1

Elmshorn is holding events dedicated to Holsteiner horse breeding, a fixture for farmers and industry professionals.
Also this year the organizers are very satisfied with the quality achieved by the farmers, especially the mares born in 2013 that promise a very high quality level.
Today is the second and last day of the breeding exhibition and 22 colts and Holsteiner fillies will be auctioned. There are a lot of off-spring from Casall Ask as well as emerging stallions which have been selected by the organizing committee.
A major attraction is the Holsteiner pferdetagen, where the young horses will face the selections for the Elmshorn stage to participate in the national championships for young horses in dressage and show for 5, 6 and 7 years to be held in Warendorf.
source: Holsteiner verband

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