Hong Kong Masters: anticipation rising ahead of event

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Hong Kong is on standby for the imminent Masters Event that will be held from the 21-23 February at the Asia World-Expo. This year’s event is even more special in occasion of the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Calendar.
The Year of the Horse officially began on the 30th of January 2014 in what is believed to be a year of victories, unexpected adventures and surprising romance.
Moreover, the Year of the Horse is also considered the most fortunate and one that brings luck and positivity. The horse has heroic status in China because of its immense strength and is also synonymous with liberty because the horse has the freedom to express itself freely in the wild, while in restricted spaces the horse rebels and shows its desire for liberty.
The celebrations that brought in the Year of the Horse weren’t just confined to China as other parts of Asia also recognise it. Equestrian and horse themed events are set to take place all over Hong Kong with the upcoming Masters Event the biggest one of the year. Last year’s event was a great success with over 100,000 spectators.
The following celebrities were all born in the Year of the Horse: Aretha Franklin, Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford, Cindy Crawford and Jerry Seinfeld.
In light of the occasion, there will be a specially designed tram advertising the event and contributing to the special atmosphere created by the Hong Kong Masters.

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