HORSE RACING: Brex Drago the favourite for the “Premio Pisa”.

San Rossore 23 1

The anticipation is rising ahead of today’s 125th edition of the “Premio Pisa” at the San Rossore Racetrack. The favourite is Brex Drago ridden by Cristian “the little devil“ Demuro. There are seven horse and rider combinations though also looking to take first place in today’s big event in Tuscany such as Gea and Tea with Luca Maniezzi and Clockwinder with Fabio Branca. Watch out also for Magical Roundabout and Paolo Favero, even if the horse tends to be stronger over slightly longer distances. It’s all to play for then and it makes for an interesting race.
The “Premio Pisa” begins at 18.00 today and is the penultimate of 7 trials scheduled for today. A big crowd is naturally expected in the stands.

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