Horse Racing: Capannelle Arena has track approved by Inspectors

Pista trotto capannelle grasso 1

After a seemingly never-ending story, the trotters racetrack at the Capannelle Arena in Rome has finally passed all inspections and is ready to be used. A spokesperson from the Quality Assessors said that the track has obtained the permission to be used for races after a thorough inspection in which the track passed all the technical and administrative standards required. The manager of the Capannelle Arena, Elio Pautasso, had the following to say: “We’re ready to get going as soon as we get confirmation of the fixture calendar from MIPAAF. We have to thank the Inspector Luca Pancalli and all of his staff that followed the entire procedure.”
The new racetrack has been made on the inside of 2 previously built tracks and is 1000 metres long.  

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