HORSE RACING: Sea-front trot race on Sunday the 19th of April in via Caracciolo, Naples.

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In the past it was a common sight to see the horses as part of a sulky parade on the Naples seafront in what were the dark days of the horseracing crisis and those images of Italian artisans, riders and staff on strike went around the world.
On Sunday the 19th of April starting at 10:00 the scene will be repeated, but this time it will be a very different occasion indeed and one of great celebration. In fact, a free event that will definitely please children and adults has been organised and will gather along the 600 meters of track at one of the most beautiful sea-fronts in the world.
Eight horses divided into four groups of two will compete in the area between Piazza della Repubblica and the end of Viale Dohrn. A four match race followed by the semifinals and final will certainly stoke the interest of the public’s enthusiasm for this exciting initiative promoted and organised by the Società  Ippodromi Partenopei Agnano and with the sponsorship of the Naples Council which authorised the event following a consultation with MIPAAF which oversees horseracing. It promises to be a sporting event and tourist event that will pave the way for the 66th Lotteria Grand Prix scheduled for Sunday the 3rd of May.
Please note that riders will not be allowed to use the whip and betting will not be permitted. There is no prize money either, but only trophies up for grabs and provided by the sponsors to the winners. For those that are unable to be there at the event, it will be broadcast live to residents in Italy on SKY Channel 220.

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