Horses make their way to the Vatican

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Sunday 3rd July, the horses that will be competing in the Fitetrec Ante event and in the Viaggio della Misericordia on horseback starting in Krakow, will first be arriving in Piazza San Pietro to celebrate the Jubilee and equestrian sports in general.
It will be a huge event this weekend as 250 horses from all over Italy will be gathering in the capital Rome along with the riders of the Viaggio della Misericordia. The event has been organised by the Italian Equestrian Tourism Federation and Trec Ante, thanks also to the collaboration of the local councils of Rome and the region of Lazio.
On Saturday 2nd July, 250 horses will make their way to the Tor di Quinto Hippodrome, founded in 1823, where in the evening a gala will also take place where many awards will be handed out, for example to the eldest and youngest riders.
And so all 250 horses will leave Tor di Quinto at dawn on the following Sunday to make their way to the Vatican and Piazza San Pietro where they will then listen to the Pope’s Angelus.
source Fitetrec Ante

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