Hras des Coudrettes backs Paralympic disciplines in France

uniek 1

Emmanuel and Armand Perron – Pette French team of Hras des Coudrettes have announced on their official facebook profile team page their support to the sports group Handi Equi Compet.
Handi Equi Compet is a French association that since 2007 has worked to promote, develop and support the practice of the Paralympic disciplines in France.
The association is open to riders with disabilities and among its activities stand out their commitment to support the paradressage riders that are accompanied and followed step by step in the appropriate structures for their preparation and also during their time in Para-Equestrian competitions along with very intense motivational and technical development of the association towards its clients.
Haras des Coudrettes to support this association has provided one of his horses: it is Uniek, a gelding born in 2001 which will be integrated into the project initiated by Handi Equi Compet.
source: haras des coudrettes facebook page

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