HSJ interview with the Spanish rider Armando Trapote

Spanish showjumper Armando Trapote, road to Milano 2023

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Armando Trapote, a talented Spanish show jumper set to make his debut at the European Championships this year in San Siro, Milan. Representing Spain alongside renowned riders Sergio Alvarez Moya, Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, and Manuel Fernandez Saro, Trapote is eagerly preparing himself and his small but mighty horse, Tornado VS, for the highly anticipated event.

Tornado, though small in stature, is a fiery and determined horse. Known for his fighting spirit, Tornado always strives to give his best performance, making him the perfect partner for Trapote in this championship. The rider is excited to take on this new challenge and is confident in his horse’s abilities to excel in the competition. 

This is my first European championship, and I am looking forward to it, even more so since it is in Milano”.

To ensure a successful preparation, Trapote has been diligently following a training regimen since January. With three five-star shows and some well-deserved rest, Tornado has been brought to peak physical condition for the championship. 

My goal since the beginning of the year has been to make the Spanish team for this European Championship, so I am very happy to have made it this far. The main goal throughout the season especially during the summer has been to  keep the horse in the best physical and mental condition as possible”.

The selection process for the Spanish team was rigorous, with only the best riders and horses chosen to represent the country. Trapote’s teammates, Sergio Alvarez Moya and Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, have been in top form, consistently achieving impressive results in recent months. Manuel Fernandez Saro, an experienced and talented rider, is competing in his third championship, he is the most experienced championship rider on the team therefore a big support for the team. 

As the forth rider for the Spanish team, Trapote aims to give his best to support his teammates and help Spain secure a spot in the upcoming Olympic Games. The main focus is to finish among the top 10 teams, but Trapote has set a personal goal of reaching the top 30 individually and advancing to the final rounds.

The Spanish team has been performing exceptionally well throughout the season, and Trapote has faith in his teammates’ abilities. With their horses in excellent shape, they are determined to make a strong impression at the European Championships and ultimately secure qualification for the Olympics.

My person goal is to try and make it to the final, and obviously the team goal is to qualify for the Olympic games in Paris 2024, with only three spots available to qualify it won’t be an easy task to achieve but I am confident that the whole team will do their best to have a top 10 finish”.

Trapote’s debut at the European Championships is a testament to his skill and dedication as a rider.

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