HSJ’s interview with Max Wachman

team Ireland Max Wachman

Road to the Europeans 2023

Horseshowjumping.tv met with the talented Irish showjumper based at Karlswood stable together with his trainer and mentor Cian O’conner, Max Wachman. Max has been very successful throughout his career already at an early stage of his life where he competed at the European Championships for ponies where in 2018 he won individual Silver and the following year winning both individual and team Gold, however that was only the beginning of his success, through the years Max has delivered several good results also at the highest level of the sport. His most recent results look back to being a part of the winning team in the Aga Khan Nations Cup of Dublin in 2022. Placing on third place in the 4* GP of Wiesbaden 2023 and several more placements throughout the winter circuit in Wellington.

“Hi Max, tell us a little bit about yourself and the horse you qualified for the European Championships with”

Hi, I’m Max Watchman, I’m 19 years old and next week I’ll be competing at the Young Riders European Championships in Gorla -minore with Quintini.
Quintini is a horse I’ve had for about 18 months now and I’m looking forward to the week ahead with him.

“Is there a special horse in your career you are most grateful for?”

The most special horse that I’ve ridden is Berlux. Last year I was part of the winning Aga Khan team at the Dublin horse show with him. So that’s a very special memory and he’s a very special horse for me.

“How does it feel to have been selected for the Europeans and how do you cope with the pressure of such an important event?”

I have competed at four European Championships so far, from ponies through juniors and also at a young rider level, so I’m looking forward to it. I think the experience of having done a few championships definitely gives you confidence, So hopefully it helps
It’s a great feeling to have been selected for the Europeans. I think we’ve got a good team, so we’re hopeful of good results there.

“Is there a specific program you have been going through with your championship horse Quintini?”

We’ve been building Quintini up towards the European Championships throughout the season. He started his season off in Florida and then he came home and did some shows in Europe during the summer.

“What are your hopes for the championship weekend?”

I think we’ve got a very good team for the European Championships this year, so hopefully for a good week, and hopefully it goes well. Thanks very much.

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