HSJ’s interview with the Young Rider Inigo Lopez de la Osa

Inigo Lopez de la Osa European championship 2023

European Championship Ch/J/YR 2023

Inigo Lopez de la Osa, the talented young rider competing for Monaco started his championship on a high note by delivering a clear round on his mare Jade. Inigo competed in his first World Cup GP this year in  2022  and also ended his past season in the best way possible by winning the Young Riders GP in Riyadh.   

Tell us how you prepared yourself for this championship?

“The preparation for this year’s championship already started at the beginning of the year for me, I had quite a clear vision of what horse I wanted to take with me to Gorla Minore. We chose the shows based on what in our opinion would have been the right program for my 10-year-old mare Jade, by choosing what heights she was going to jump and when in order for us to come to this championship in the best shape possible”.

What other horses apart from Jade do you have in your string of horses?

“I am very fortunate to have a broad string of eight talented horses for myself at the moment. Jade is my best horse but I have also many younger horses coming along that are very promising for the future”.

What are your expectations for this years European Championship?

“I would like to set my main focus on every round singularly, riding to the best of my abilities throughout the whole championship. We started very well, my horse is in good shape and I hope that we can both keep going as we started, the road to the final is still long so I hope for the best and we will try our best until the very last round”.

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