Importance of dental care for horses

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It is important to know that the teeth of the horse unlike our own, are growing constantly, because they are intended to support the horse which an herbivorous animal planned to spend most of its life to graze on grass and fodder, which contains a substance called silicate which is abrasive and consumes the teeth in no time.
In horses, teeth are only visible for 10 – 15% of their total length, as they are does not completely visible and therefore require accurate control and monitoring as infection or inflammation can relate to the non-visible part of the tooth.
Many problems and diseases are related to the non-alignment of the dental arches that happens naturally if the horse lives in the wild, livestock grazing, grazing because the two surfaces (top and bottom) is evenly consumed, which does not happen if the horse lives in the box and is following a feeding scheme which is “artificial“. The result of the consumption is not the growth of that part of the tooth that is not consumed and produces a tip that slowly but surely becomes more and more projected, pointed and sharp and goes on to injure the surrounding tissues such as the inside of the cheeks or the opposite side causing injuries and bleeding which will cause pain and discomfort for the horse.
In addition, it causes wounds and pain, and are also due to chewing and consequently digestion problems.
This is where the the intervention of the dentist comes in and in the next episode we will see what are the signs (behavioral or physical) that might indicate the need for dental 

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