Increased spectator capacity ahead of CHIO in Aachen

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Greater coverage will be given to dressage at this year’s CHIO in Aachen. For the 2014 edition, a brand new stand has been built for spectators in the dressage arena, a decision which was made because of the popularity of the event with tickets selling out almost immediately in the past. With the increased capacity the dressage arena will now be able to hold 6.300 spectators.
The construction works will be completed by July which is when one of the most important equestrian events in the world will take place. The investment has also been made with the 2015 European Championships in mind which will also be held in Aachen. Finally, following this year’s CHIO there are also plans to begin works on expanding the capacity of the rest of the structure with the aim of improving what is already a fabulous spectacle in Aachen.

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