Innovative machine that produces horse bedding could cut your costs by up to 50%.

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This Equestrian World piece could be of great interest to all owners of horse stables or equestrian centres that are having to constantly deal with the rising costs of horse bedding for their beloved equestrian friends.
In Great Britain, there is a new machine that produces thin and soft wood shavings for horse bedding which can easily replace the horse bedding that normally comes in single packets.
The cost of this machine is around 6.345 pounds and it is the only one of its kind on the European market. It can be easily used by a single operator and runs, depending on the model, electrically or through a petrol engine. The design is also the right size to be stored in a stables, a small farm or equestrian centre. The wood shavings once cut are ready to be used instantly and according to estimates this machine is able to lower material costs by up to 50% for your company.
Not by chance then has this product, produced by a company situated in Northamptonshire, been nominated for the 2015 innovation award; a prestigious international competition for the agrarian sector that rewards every 2 years the most innovative products from within the industry.

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