Interview from Lyon with FEI World champion Beezie Madden

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And here we are with our interview with Fei World Cup defending champion Elizabeth Madden, engaged in these days in Lyon for the final game of the 2014 season we have been contacted by her entourage to ask you some questions. Let’s start with the World Cup: Beezie, as reigning champion, what do you think are the favorites to win the final?
“The field is really tough and a good number of pairs can lay claim to the title. The final of the World Cup requires a lot of strength and what I believe will be the key factor.  Simon has amply proven that he can deal with the commitments of this type, but there are also many other riders currently eligible for the win: I think Ludger Beerbaum, Marcus Ehning, Kent Farrington, Patrice Delaveau and Steve Guerdat, who have come close in the last two years.
– Last season was full of titles and victories for you and your highly decorated Simon. The next event is the World Equestrian Games: What are your feelings about the upcoming WEG especially for the American team?
“We’re still a little early and we have not yet identified our team well, our coach Robert Ridland in managing the selections is great, I’m happy to be on the list for the WEG and I will continue to work to confirm my position, our goal is obviously to leave for the WEG with the United States, we will do everything that needs to be done to be ready for the appointment.“
– In the last edition, the organizers have chosen the Top Final Four formula, or the best four in the final with horses who took part with each of the riders finalists.
This formula has received very mixed opinions: great fun for the audience but maybe it requires too much effort for the horses, what do you think?
“The Final Four at WEG has become a tradition rooted also in the audience, perhaps it would be strange to see it in a different format … But I think actually there are a lot of jumps for horses. A solution could be that the end is composed of the best three combinations instead of four: three rounds for each horse (one less than the classic formula) and all three pairs go for the medals, deciding which one goes to which pair.”
– Let’s talk about the young Americans: recently we have seen that the United States is evolving dramatically, there were incredibly talented young riders like Reed Kessler and Lucy Davis that have been successfully presented in the circuit. Which of these talents of the new generation do you follow with particular interest and why?
“I think we have a great new generation of riders from the USA, which in recent years has really focused much attention on the development of the youth sector and its young talent. For each of us to find the best horses will always be a challenge, but I think Lucy Davis and Reed Kessler are already important for our team, and that includes Katie Dinan in the same category. All the young riders are doing well.”
– Did you know that your name is very much in vogue when someone asked which of these talents is his equestrian idol/example? How do you feel knowing that your figure is so appreciated and recognized in a role for a new generation of riders from the U.S.?
“It is a great honor for me and makes me feel really good. I have always taken my responsibility very seriously. Hopefully the young riders and riders will see and understand that I carry on my work and not only my professional career in an office behind a desk.
As a professional, the quality of your work will always be on display. John and I, we focused a lot on the quality of work and always try to do better and learn continuously. I hope this example will be of help in order to achieve our goals. “- Our editing team are following the area of horse sports physiotherapy and would also like to have the opinion of a professional as important as you.
Is physiotherapy scheduled in the training program of your horses? If yes, when and how is it applied? And what are the benefits that the most obvious evidence in the horse during its workout?
“We use different therapies for our horses , which are regularly checked by a chiropractor .
We use the traditional cold therapy on delicate areas , after work on the obstacles we apply a product called GameReady .
We also use electromagnetic blankets before and sometimes after the competition.
A single treatment does not lead per se to “ miracles“ , but on the whole with the addition of a proper job and training you can actually help prevent injuries of different nature and the horse is visibly fine and maintains its condition much longer. “
– The TTouch method by Linda Tellington Jones is widely used in the USA. Do you know it and / or apply it in your stable?
“I heard about it but do not use it.“
– The Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington recently ended, an ever more popular and frequented by European riders to “winter“ in the heat of Florida.
Apart from the bad weather in the first few days everything went very well, what are your thoughts on the WEF this year?
“WEF is always a big commitment for me and John, but it’s been part of our annual routine now for a few years. I found the WEF long this year and on occasion has required a great deal of energy, but fortunately for obtained great results this year.”
– When you have to choose a sporting horse, what are the features you are looking for in your subject?
“We focus very much on its athletic qualities. I like horses with a lot of blood and they have a great attitude to learning.
It is important that they learn quickly that they do not forget what has already been taught, in addition they must have ability to work.
Overall, we estimate both the attitude and athleticism.“
– The last question concerns your other top horse: we also saw Cortes C, which seems to be called “Fast and Furious“, it is probably the fastest and most agile horse on the international circuit in 5 *.
Tell us something about him, and what was your first approach.
“Cortes loves to run. It is also pretty big, but it’s probably one of my favorites to ride. It simply feels great.
It bends its anterior when it jumps, which makes it very recognizable as a trademark.
I loved it from the first time I tried it, it has always been easy to work with him.“
Thank you once again Beezie Madden, who despite being engaged in an important event in Lyon and as delicate as the final of the World Cup, has found the time to answer our questions, we also wish her good luck for her upcoming events.

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