Islander Project back in action

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The location and the beneficiary may change, but the aims always have the best interests of the animals at heart.
Two months after the very successful charity auction in Milan to raise funds for the Italian Horse Protection, the President of the Islander Project Nicole Berlusconi has announced a new initiative which will raise money in favour of the National Animal Protection Society (Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali).
The Arezzo Equestrian Centre will plays host to a photo exhibition which will conclude with an auction of the photos by Francesca Dei Fazio. The charity event will be taking place next month from the 5-6 April and thanks also goes to the President of the Tuscan centre Riccardo Borricchi for his collaboration.
The National Animal Protection Society was founded by Giuseppe Garibaldi and as of 1871 it is a network of 160 associations across Italy that has the aim of protecting all animal species from all kinds of abuse and mistreatment.
Marco Bravi, a spokesperson for the organisation, said the following: “The protection of animals in addition to being set down in the law, is an unquestionable social value, and protects the rights of those living beings. It’s a safeguard of all groups as where there is abuse of animals, there is often forms of abuse against others such as women, children and the elderly. For this reason preventive action is important and is secondary to what the state should be doing, which doesn’t give us any financial aid.”
Individuals, voluntary groups, vets and security groups have found for decades in the National Animal Protection Society a reference point for taking on and trying to resolve these problems associated with the protection of animals. The Islander Project is now looking to play its part by embracing the cause and supporting those who don’t just help the horse community, but the entire animal species and in doing so promoting the spirit for which the Islander Project was founded.

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