Italian Championship: Coppini wins Endurance Young Rider.

camilla coppini con coppa 1

Camilla Coppini has been crowned the Italian Champion in the Endurance Young Rider category. The rider from Veneto was competing with Veinard II° and finished ahead of Camilla Malta with Barbaforte Bosana and Martina Settembre with Inshallah Hamet who were second and third respectively.
Speaking afterwards she said: “The national title was an ambitious goal for me to aim for and we set about with the intention of putting in a good display, which we knew would not be easy seeing the stiff competition we had to face. Veinard was in great shape right the way through the competition. We did the first run in 18 km/h and the pack was all close together. In the second run, I went first and I produced an average time of 18.8 km/h, before slowing down in the final km to give my horse a bit of a rest and I found myself in fifth. In the third run I upped the time to 19.3 km/h and stayed in the slipstream of the leaders. In the fourth run, we set off with the aim of getting the best result possible, and taking advantage of the condition of my horse, we climbed three places and registered a time 26.6 km/h to conquer first place. I am very proud of this achievement.“

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