Italian equestrian industry to start new project

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Good Equestrian World at last on the horse industry, where in a climate of general enthusiasm work to turn into reality the projects for the enhancement of Italian horses, signed recently by FISE and MIPAAF which has been inspired by the successful model already adopted by Holland and France, aimed at supporting the best Italian subjects in the three Olympic disciplines: show jumping, dressage and eventing, with an option for endurance too has been initiated.Just like in the project carried out successfully by the Dutch Olympic committee (parties belonging to this initiative are identified by the words NOP Nederlands Olympiade Paard and taking part among others are the champion Jeroen Dubbeldam Zenith SFN NOP), and in France Jo Jem (literally Joue les Jeux which has star Penelope Leprevost Flora de Mariposa), both supported by their National Equestrian Federations providing fundamental support from an economic point of view as well as from an organizational point of view allowing to best carry out the preparation with the results that now the whole world knows for these two nations.According to reports from the site of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, those signing the Convention will receive an annual contribution allocated 50% from the FISE and 50% from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, and in exchange they must undertake to make their horses available to the federation.The horses aged 5, 6 and 7 years will be re-evaluated at the end of each season on their performance from a sporting point of view, their potential as well as health.
From 8 years onwards it will be the FISE to shoulder all the assistance making it the only speaker for owners and riders. The horses will be confirmed by the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation up to a maximum age of 12 years.
The project has been developed to meet the needs of the different parties involved: owners, riders and breeders.
The economic incentive will turn into an advantage for the entire sector of the Italian sector, next to some normal concerns (mainly about the practical implementation of aspects such as competitive programs etc.), but interesting indicators about the potential of the project that enables important support to allow continuous generational change in high-level sports people and an important paper for the development of the Italian industry have been tackled.
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