Italy lift Nations Cup at Piazza di Siena

Luca Marziani 1 1

Thanks to an error-free last round by Bruno Chimirri and Tower Mouche, Italy has won the most high anticipated event for the public at Piazza di Siena, lifting the Nations Cup for the second consecutive year.The beautiful Villa Borghese suited the Azzurri despite the elimination of Emanuele Gaudiano riding Caspar 232 in the second round, highlighting an excellent Luca Marziani who was unique of quartet chosen by the Cittì Duccio Bartalucci, to complete two clear rounds.Excellent performance by the 1 ° Aviere Scelto and current Champion of Italy, Giulia Martinengo Marquet (0/4) riding the 11-year-old female Verdine SZ. With an overall total of 4 penalties, the public could really applaud the champions this afternoon.Second with 6 overall penalties, the pairs selected by the Head Equipe Robert Riedlend, Laura Kraut on Confu (0/4); Spencer Smith on Theodore Manciais (8/8); Elizabeth Madden on Coach (0/4); Mclain Ward on HH Azur (0/0) and third for Switzerland Janika Springer on Bacardi VDL (0/0); Niklaus Rutschi on Cardano CH (0/4); Athur Gustavo da Silva on IN ON Stop Van T Voorhof (0/4); Steve Guerdat on Alamo (n.p, 4).To complete the ranking: Germany, Sweden and Canada fourth with 12p., Seventh Holland, eighth New Zealand, ninth France.RL

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