Italy team for Rome CSIO5*

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The long-awaited event in Piazza di Siena is approaching and the coach of the Italian national team Hans Horn, after his victory in Lummen, wants a demonstration at the CSIO5 * in Rome from a competitive team to gain more valuable points for the ranking.
The Azzurri have also added Giovanni Lucchetti (Beautiful Roads) and David Sbarra (Triomphe van Schuttershof) to the team.
Called up for the Master Fratelli d’Inzeo (21-24 May) are Giulia Martinengo Marquet with Fixdesign Istafan Sissi, Natale Chaiudani with Almero 12 and Emilio Bicocchi with Ares, the three medalists in the last Italian Championship who will be in action at the Capital CSIO, also added is Alfonso Antonio with Redskin de Riverland
Piergiorgio Bucci with Casallo Z
Bruno Chimirri with Luca
Simon Coat with Cannavaro 17
Daniele Da Rios For Passion
Lorenzo De Luca with Erco van’t Roosakker
Massimiliano Ferrario and Acamar Loro Piana Loro Piana Rigoletto Florida
Francesco Franco with Banca Popolare di Bari Cassandra
Juan Carlos Garcia with Gitano v Berkenbroek
Emanuele Gaudiano with Admara 2 / Casper
Giovanni Lucchetti with Beautiful Roads
Luca Maria Moneta with Neptune Brecourt
Filippo Moyersoen with Loro Piana Canada
Riccardo Pisani Chico Z
David Sbarra Triomphe with van Schuttershof
Called up on the advice of coach of the youth Gianluca Bormioli:
Giampiero Garofalo with Corbanus and Roberto Previtali with Lucaine.

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