Italy’s Heartbreak: FEI Barcelona Nations Cup Final 2023

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The FEI Barcelona Nations Cup Final 2023 kicked off with an exhilarating display of equestrian prowess, where top international teams battled for supremacy in the demanding arena of show jumping. With a total horse / rider combination of 59 pairs the first qualifier for Sunday’s big Nations Cup Final kicked off seeing a combination of 15 clear rounds.
However, for the Italian national team, the day concluded on a somber note, casting a shadow over their Olympic dreams.

Team Results after Day 1

On the first day of the final round of the Nations Cup circuit, Italy found themselves in a surprising 12th position out of 15 participating nations, accumulating a formidable total of 24 penalties. This performance meant that Italy’s hopes of securing a spot in the highly sought-after Sunday final were dashed, relegating them to compete in the Challenge Cup on Saturday.
Adding to the heartbreak, Italy’s aspirations of clinching a berth at the 2024 Paris Olympics took a severe hit. The sole Olympic qualification spot now hung in the balance, with fierce competition between the United States, who secured the 6th spot in the preliminary round, and Brazil, a formidable force claiming the 2nd position. This unfortunate outcome continued Italy’s arduous journey to fulfill their Olympic aspirations in the demanding discipline of show jumping.

The top eight teams that will stride into Sunday’s climactic final with a clean slate are as follows:

  • Great Britain (0 penalties)
  • Brazil (4 penalties)
  • Germany (4 penalties)
  • Switzerland (4 penalties)
  • Belgium (8 penalties)
  • United States of America (8 penalties)
  • Ireland (12 penalties)
  • France (12 penalties)
    In contrast, the squads preparing for the Challenge Cup on Saturday include:
  • Mexico (12 penalties)
  • Netherlands (16 penalties)
  • Spain (20 penalties)
  • Italy (24 penalties)
  • Australia (25 penalties)
  • Argentina (29 penalties)
  • Uzbekistan (50 penalties)

Italy’s riders encountered difficulties on the opening day, resulting in the accumulation of 24 penalties for the team. While they faced a challenging start, the focus now shifts to the upcoming Challenge Cup on Saturday. Italy is tasked with regrouping and devising new strategies for the competition, with their Olympic dreams still within reach but hanging by a thread. Amidst the sea of disappointment, it is worth acknowledging that only 15 clear rounds were achieved throughout the competition, underscoring the formidable challenges posed by the course and the sheer brilliance required to navigate it flawlessly.

In conclusion, the FEI Barcelona Nations Cup Final 2023 marked an electrifying opening day, with Italy’s journey through the show jumping season concluding in heartbreak. As they now face the Challenge Cup on Saturday.

As the FEI Barcelona Nations Cup Final 2023 unfolds, the equestrian world is on the edge of its seat, eagerly anticipating the thrilling battles that lie ahead. While the first day brought its share of surprises and heartbreak, the stage is now set for the rest of the competition, promising high-stakes drama and exceptional displays of horsemanship.

Full results here


Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Final, Barcelona (ESP). Taken on 28 September 2023 by Liz Gregg. Robert Whitaker with Vermento (GBR). Copyright of FEI / Liz Gregg.

© Rights Reserved.

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