Jan Tops vs FEI: it is not over yet

tops 2

The struggle between the owner of the Longines Global Champions Tour and the International Equestrian Federation continues.
Despite the ruling of the court of Appeal in Brussels in which the Belgian court gave the green light for the start of the team event under the LGCT brand (the famous Global Champions League), the EIF has no intention to give in and refuses to remove the clause that would in effect outlaw riders to participate in tournaments not organized by FEI.
The clause that, even according to the Belgian court, violates the right of free competition, in particular because this clause would mean exclusion from the major international tournaments (such as the World Championships and Continental Championships) to riders who have not attended a FEI event in the previous six months.
Everything seemed finished months ago at the Competition Court in Brussels, who in recent weeks had recognized the illegality of the EIF clause which had in turn appealed in vain in a last attempt which was rejected by the same court.
However, the FEI continues its resistance contesting the decision of the court of Brussels and it seems that it will not even recognize their authority outside the borders of Belgium.

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