La Baule Furusiyya Fei Nations Cup takes off today

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And here we are today in La Baule where the second stage of Furusiyya Fei Nations Cup Europe Division 1 , will take place preceded by the French Prix Tour from 1.45m (attached pdf the starting order complete).
We now come to the main event of the day, eight teams lined up for this stage of the Cup of Nations, of which five are chasing points for the standings : Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and France, out of the running Netherlands, Great Britain and Brazil.
Spain is the first team to face the host course and looks good with Manuel Fernandez Saro (Darius 2 ), Paola Amilibia ( Notre Star de la Nutria ) , Eduardo Alvarez Aznar ( Rokfeller Pleville de Bois Margot ) and Sergio Alvarez Moya with Carlo 273. CT Marco Fuste
Immediately after Brazil takes the field led by Rodrigo Pessoa ( Status) , Yuri Mansur Guerios ( First Devision) , Eduardo Menezes ( Quintol ) and Marlon Modolo Zanotelli (AD Clouwni ) . CT J.M. Bonneau
Third in order of departure are Belgium deploying Francois Mathy Jr ( Polinska des Isles ) , Olivier Philippaerts ( Cabrio van de Heffinck ) , Jos Verlooy ( Domino ) and Gregory Wathelet ( Sea Coast Forlap DC). CT Kurt Gravemeier
Soon after it is the turn of Ireland, which starts out with Denis Lynch ( All Star 5 ) , Cameron Hanley ( Antello Z ) , Cian O’Connor ( Quidam ‘s Cherie ) and Billy Twomey ( Diaghilev ) . CT Robert Splaine
Switzerland after dominating in Lummen are among the favorites and looking to win to top the rankings: Pius Schwizer ( Toulago ), Jane Richard Philips ( Pablo de Virton ), Steve Guerdat ( Son Concept ) and Paul Estermann on Castlefield Eclipse. CT ANDY KILSTLER
Sixth in order of departure are the host who field Penelope Leprevost ( Dame Blanche van Arenberg ) , Aymeric De Ponnat ( Armitages Boy) , Jerome Hurel (Quartz Rouge) and Kevin Staut ( Reveur de Hurtebise HDC ) . CT PHILIPPE Guerdat
Penultimate are Holland  with Rob Ehrens who picked Vincent Voorn ( Quinlan ) , Timothy Hendrix (Very Nice) , Willem Greve ( Avion) and Jur Vrieling (VDL Bubalu ) .
Last but not least are Britain led by Rob Hoeckstra , who selected Ben Maher ( Uric ), Joe Clee ( Utamaro On Ecaussines ), Tim Gredley ( Unex Chamberlain Z ) and Michael Whitaker ( Amai ) .
The event is scheduled for this afternoon at 13.45 with the Nations Cup , live on FeiTV
by: La Baule –

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