La Silla studbook to launch the first edition of the CSI3* Copa Nuevo Leòn FEI.

copa nuevo Leon Fei 1

Equestrian World arrives from Mexico about a new event set to be organised by a studbook that has excelled in recent years and demonstrated outstanding results.
We’re talking about the La Silla studbook, the ex-sponsor of Swedish champion Rolf Goran Bengtsson, that has taken the decision to actively promote and support equestrianism in Mexico.
In addition to providing top mounts to Mexican rider Alfonso Romo, the La Silla studbook (in collaboration with the Club Hipico Monterrey and the Argentine Equestrian Federation) has decided to create a new international competition: the CSI3* Copa Nuevo Leòn FEI. It will take place at the Club Hipico Monterrey from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November and from the 4th to the 9th of November 2014.
It represents an important initiative to promote and to give opportunities for growth to top-level show-jumping in Mexico as well as the breeding sector of sports horses thanks to the trials that will be dedicated to young horses.

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