Le Lame International: Govoni rides to victory

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The first week of the ‘Le Lame International Sagrantino Tour’ came to an end with the “GZ Infissi“ GP with the 145 category and Italy did especially well. Giovanni Govoni, on the back of Winn Winn, finished with the best time in the second run with a time of 31.01. The Italian came in ahead of Juan Carlos Garcia (of Colombian descent that is now of Italian nationality) who finished with a time of 34.16 with the horse Moka de Mescm. Third place went to the Colombian Roberto Teran Tafur with the Italian horse Il Rubacuori.
The top three were followed by the American Alice Debany Clero (Amareusa S- 0/0, 35.72), the Italians Filippo Bologni (Fixdesign Chopin- 0/0 36.38) and Emiliano Liberati (Cliff’s Red Rose – 0/0, 37.99).
All six (out of 36 starters) managed no penalties in both runs of the ‘Longines Ranking Points GP’ designed by Elio Travagliati.
While on Friday, also in a ‘Longines Ranking Points’, the victory went to the Caporal Maggiore Scelto Linda Bratomi who was riding with Scara Mouche in the 145.
Gianni Govoni’s victory was no surprise as he had already picked up some excellent results with Winn Winn on the international stage. What few people know is that the Mare, after being sold to the USA where she performed very well for two years, returned to Europe (initially Holland) only to be then bought by tteam Govoni about two months ago.
“All I can say is welcome back Winn Winn“, said the Italian rider. “I have a lot of belief in this horse and today she showed her maturity and her ability to do well.“
Govoni also spoke about the course. He said: “Elio Travagliati’s work was always with the quality of the horses in mind. he didn’t exaggerate with the heights and left more options available to reduce the times of the gallop. This is the first time I have competed at the Horses de Lame and I have to say that the Zampolini family are very welcoming. The grounds are great and there was a great atmosphere at the event.“
(Daniela Cursi -Ufficio Stampa Le Lame International)
(foto di Marco Proli)

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